Time Management

Course Description

Everyone knows that time is money. Have you ever calculated how much money is spent on time that could be better used?

If you could reduce your wasted time by just five minutes every hour, your productivity would jump 8.3%. You could accomplish more work in the same number of hours. You could meet deadlines easier, have more creative time, and spend more time pursuing opportunities or more time with family and less time struggling with non-productive activities.

In this course, we will examine both professional challenges and personal preferences that impact time management, especially estimating time accurately, setting goals and creating ‘to-do’ lists to achieve those goals. This is an experiential class. Bring your planners and be prepared to share your solutions, too.


By the end of this course, you will:

  • Have thought about and analyzed how you use your time currently and how that fits with your life and your work
  • Learn the different types of time and how to plan and schedule for each
  • Understand the basic elements of a universal time planning process that can be implemented with any planner system of your choice
  • Identify guidelines for scheduling time efficiently, including large or complex projects
  • Establish criteria to determine whether you should be accepting responsibility for certain tasks or how to set priorities when several things seem due at once
  • Learn acceptable ways to say “No”

4 Hours

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