Lean Manufacturing Principles

Course Description

Provide class participants with the skill sets needed to support a lean implementation. Class is offered in 12 hours (suggest three 4-hour sessions scheduled over a 3 to 4 week period, though it can be accomplished in two consecutive days.) Ideally, the training is done in a cross-functional team environment.


All team members (supervision and engineering through to operators as well as non manufacturing personnel. Cross-functional representation is preferred.

Course Outline:

Lean Manufacturing Overview
Lean defined (What it is and is not)
A brief history of Lean (From Henry Ford at the turn of the century t
Toyota today)
Waste elimination process

Process Mapping
Flow charting the process
Utilizing the SIPOC model (Supplier-Input-Process-Output-Customer)
Determining Value vs. Non-Value added
Process mapping (departmental flow)
Value Stream Mapping

The Seven Wastes
De-constructing waste
Overproduction waste
Waiting waste
Transportation waste
Inventory waste
Motion waste
Defect waste

Implementing 5S
The 5 S Philosophy
Seri –Sort and Discard
Seiton –Organize and Arrange
Clean, Tidy and Inspect
Seiketsu –Maintain the system
Shitsuke –Establishing the Belief and Culture

Kaizen, Pokayoke and Visual Management
Kaizen philosophy of Continuous Improvement
Poka yoke process of Mistake Proofing
Visual Management (Line of sight, performance metrics visible, marking of area)
Andon lights (Green/Yellow/Red)
Use of silhouettes
Dashboards and metric performance

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