Statistical Process Control

Course Description

Provide class participants with the skills to be able to design,  implement, maintain and continuously improve a viable Statistical Process Control system.


This class is offered with a number of options. Option 1: For our technical class, a 16- hour class is recommended for engineers and production supervision/management as well as lead technicians. This class is implementation based and is best provided in weekly 4-hour training sessions. Option 2: For operations level (line technicians) we offer a 16-hour course that is implementation based, and will typically follow the training defined in Option 1 above. This class is best provided in weekly 4-hour training sessions. Option 3: Non-implementation based training of 12 hours is available. This may be offered in consecutive days or spread out over a three week period.

16 Hours

Contact Information


1 (650) 967-2700

P.O. Box 2103
Sunnyvale, CA 94087-0103

Course Outline:

SPC Overview
Introduction to SPC
Concept of variation applied to manufacturing
SPC implementation process

Identification Key Process Indicators
Selection of KPI’s
Process flow chart analysis
KPI Selection Matrix

Selecting the right SPC tool
Basic statistical terms
Frequency distribution
Normal vs. abnormal variability
When to respond and not respond to process data
Process variability and standard deviation
Process capability and cpk analysis
Introduction to SPC charts and tools
Attribute and variable data charts

Attribute data charts
C chart application and use
P chart application and use
U chart application and use
o Np chart application and use

Module 5 –Variable data charts
X-Bar and R chart application and use
MR Chart application and use
Short-run SPC chart application and use

Data interpretation
Determining significance
Applying Western Electric Rules
Using Process Events Logs
On-line and off-line interpretation
Recalculation of control limits

Implementation plan
Importance of involving the user
Placement of tools and software options
Creating the implementation plan
Verifying effectiveness
SPC and Problem Solving and ISO 9001

Issue SPC exam