Mentoring, Coaching

Course Description

Managers and supervisors play a key role in coaching all types of employees in all kinds of situation, but few have had formal training in the process or understand the benefits. Coaching (and mentoring) suggests a supportive/collaborative approach rather than a directing or controlling approach. For many employees, this may be the most effective way to boost performance, harness competitive energy, or defuse problems. This course introduces the basic elements of coaching and mentoring, discusses the appropriateness and benefits of each approach, and provides specific application techniques for a variety of personality types and work circumstances.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course the participants will be able to:

  • Effectively coach employees to enhance their performance
  • Determine performance objectives and communicate expectations
  • Identify when situations go beyond coach/mentor and require counseling


Course Outline:

Introduction of people and topic (activity)

Critical Skills for Coaching and Counseling
Understanding Styles
Understanding Diversity
Understanding Communications Skills

Defining, Managing, Coaching and Counseling
Coaching (Expectations Profile Recommended)
The Differences between Coaching and Managing
Coaching Characteristics
Coaching Peers
Coaching Difficult Employees

The Art of Feedback
Qualities of Effective Feedback
Appropriate Feedback Topics

  • Subjective
  • Objective

When Coaching and Feedback moves to Counseling

Preparing for a Coaching Session
Modeling the Coaching Process
Action Planning
Summary and Evaluation

4 - 16 Hours

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