Effective Delegation

Course Description

Delegation is the assignment of authority to another person to carry out specific activities. This is one of the most abused skills in the management repertoire. It often feels like being dumped upon to the delegatee, and can feel like an abdication of power to the delegator. Effective delegation drives authority down through the ranks of the organization. In this course, we will explore the key factors in delegating appropriately and effectively.

This is an interactive course, participants are expected to participate and contribute to the class processes.

Course Outline:

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify behaviors related to effective delegating
  • Describe contingency factors influencing delegation

4 - 8 Hours

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Course Outline:

Introduction of topic (activity) and people

Barriers to Delegation

Considerations in Delegating
Organizational Size
The importance or the duty or decisions
Project/task complexity
Organizational culture
Qualities of employees

Methods for Effective Delegation
Clarifying the assignment
Specifying employees range of discretion
Allowing employees to participate
Informing others of the delegation
Establishing feedback channels and monitoring

Action Planning
Summary and Evaluation