Document Management Systems

Course Description

The Document Management System is the backbone of all Quality Management Systems. Without an effective and efficient Document Management System, the organization cannot function productively. Non-Conformances relating to the Document Management System are the number one finding in Audits. Learn the requirements of and the most effective methods to develop and implement your Document Management System.

Course Outline

  1. Overview of document control system requirements (reference requirements in ISO, TL9000, QS 9000 and FDA's QSR's)
  2. Document and drawing format
  3. Establishing Review and Approval authorities and processes
  4. Documentation Distribution Options (including internet, intranet and hard copy options)
  5. Document Change process
  6. Controlling documents of external origin process and options
  7. Periodic review of documents for adequacy and need (necessary pruning and obsolescence)
  8. Centralized vs. decentralized document control systems
  9. Self audits of the document control system

8 Hours

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