Communication Skills

Course Description

Effective communications are essential to the successful organization and to the effective manager/supervisor. Everything a manager or supervisor does involve communicating. No decision can be made without information communicated in some way. No decision can be implemented without communicating it. The best idea, the creative or innovative suggestion cannot be brought to life without communication. Without solid communication skills the supervisor or manager sets themselves and the organization up for problems. This is an interactive course, participants are expected to participate and contribute to the class processes.

Learning outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the communication process
  • Identify behaviors for effective listening
  • Demonstrate behaviors necessary for providing effective feedback
  • Identify 2 basic gender differences in communication
  • Identify common communication barriers

Course Outline

Introduction of people and topic (activity)

Interpersonal Skills for good Communication-discussion, profiles, exercises
Effective Listening Skills (Listening Styles profile used)
Communication Process
Feedback Skills Activities
Non-verbal Impact on Communication
Recognizing Listening Styles

Understanding Communication
Written vs. Verbal Communication
Grapevine vs. Official Communications
Electronic Communications
One-way/Two-way Communications Exercise

Barriers to Communications-group exercise
Brain Processing and Sensory Input

Skill-Building Activities
Giving Negative Feedback in a Positive Way

Gender issues in the Communication Process-video and discussion
Action Planning
Summary and Evaluation




8 Hours

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