8-D Problem Solving

Course Description

Provide class participants with the skills need to identify, contain, investigate and solve problems. Class will include a variety of tools to support the problem solving process.

Classroom Oriented Team Training:
One-day (8 hour course) designed to provide participants with problem solving and root cause analysis skills utilizing the 8D method of Problem Solving. Training utilizes a Case Study in a classroom environment. There is a 16 hour “hands-on” class with actual organization problems also available.


Quality professionals, supervisors/managers, engineers, senior technicians as well as cross- functional members of the organization. Students will require minimal math skills (adding, subtraction, calculating percentages.) Class is very interactive, and as such, class size limited to 15 participants.

8 - 16 Hours

Contact Information


1 (650) 967-2700

P.O. Box 2103
Sunnyvale, CA 94087-0103

Course Outline:

Overview of Problem Solving
Class objectives
Benefits of Problem Solving as a methodology
Problem Solving System Terms and Vocabulary
8D Model for Problem Solving

8-D Step 1 –Problem identification
Step 1 Problem Solving Worksheet
Creating a Problem Statement
Establishing the T eam
T eam Roles and Responsibilities

8-D Step 2 –Understand the problem
Step 2 Problem Solving Worksheet
Defining problem parameters (establishing a baseline of data) o 5W’sand2H’s

8-D Step 3 Containment action
Step 3 Containment Action Worksheet
Typical containment actions

8-D Step 4 Root Cause Analysis
Brainstorming Techniques
Process Flow Charting and Process Flow Analysis o Pareto Analysis
Cause and Effect Analysis (Ishikawa Diagram)
Trend Analysis
Scatter Diagrams (correlation analysis)

8-D Step 5 Solution development and selection
Concept Selection Matrix
Risk Analysis
Action Planning
Gantt Chart

8-D Step 6 Solution implementation and verification
Team progress meetings
Evaluation of effectiveness

Step 7 Prevent Recurrence and Solution Globalization
Process Documentation
Training Plans
Definition of ongoing metrics and responsibilities
Globalization opportunities

8-D Step 8 Congratulate the Team
Management Presentations
Team Recognition Process

Issuance of Final Exam