Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Control Planning

Course Description

This one-day workshop on Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) will address both Processes FMEA's and Control Planning. FMEA is the technique used by organizations to identify, prioritize and mitigate risks. Attendees will learn about initiating risk assessments, scope definition, assignment of risks and prioritizing actions to mitigate risk.


Attendees should be individuals who will be responsible for manufacturing processes. Typical attendees will include engineers, (Process and Quality Engineers), quality personnel and manufacturing specialists, as well as members of management who seek to gain a better understanding of FMEA's and Control Plans (and how they integrate).

Course Outline

Overview of FMEA
Historical perspective
FMEA Applications
FMEA benefits
Risk Analysis Overview

Anatomy of Performing FMEA Tool
Background Information
Process Definition and Failure Modes
Rating Risk and Current Controls
Corrective Action Planning

FMEA Methodology for Process
Application to Processes
Risk Identification
Risk Calculation including the use of RPN
Defining Actions to mitigate risk

Control Plans
Linkage to FMEA's
Defining Controls, (including SPC, inspections, physical controls)
Developing the Reaction Plan
Linkage of controls to performance evaluations

Issuance of FMEA exam

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